WHO IS TECNO-GAZ? - Tecno-Gaz industries



TECNO-GAZ since 1979 designs and manufactures products for the dental, medical, cosmetic, veterinary and sports.

TECNO-GAZ designs and produces: casting machines, torches for welding and casting, pre-heating ovens, Bunsen, Sanders, disinfection baths, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic tanks, dryers, Thermosealing Charter for the sterilization, autoclaves, air sterilizers,Viewers, curing lamps, Dark Rooms, intra-oral cameras, resuscitation kit, Resuscitators, surgical lamps, Pressure, Vacuum Cleaners,.

The constant that ties all of our products is high quality, their reliability and technology research.

TECNO-GAZ products meet the requirements of Safety and Reliability of the dental technician, dentist, veterinarian, surgeon, the beautician, the tattooist, the nurse, the emergency medicine specialists and all those who use the their services and their professionalism

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